Tip to save the water in your lawn

Saving water in the landscape does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. Many of the most effective things you can do to reduce your water bills and protect the water supply in their community, is simple and easy. Here are some suggestions that either one-time investment in water-saving equipment can work or anyone can install or simply change the habit for you.

1- Install a device with automatic rain seals. It is a cheap device that can be installed on the irrigation controller lawn service mobile al says-or off when a certain amount of precipitation has fallen. Protect your lawn (and your water bill) against accidental excess water. An automatic shutdown of rain typically costs less than $ 200 to install, including work. In many parts of the country can save enough to pay for itself in the first season of water.

2- Update your irrigation system with an intelligent controller. An investment of slightly larger will buy time control devices with the ability to improve water efficiency by up to 40%. If your water bill is large, it is likely to return for several years.

3- Upgrades the issuer efficient use of water. The last decade has seen a growing leaps and bounds in emitter technologies. If your sprinkler head, rotors or emissions drip irrigation over several years, your local irrigation specialist is asked to inspect your system and, if necessary, to recommend a great alternative.

4- Remove the exit. EPA leak may waste a single diameter 1/32 “on a hose, issuer or external tap over 6,000 gallons of water per year. Imagine the cost if you have multiple discharges! Outside emissions are more likely to be missed because it’s often not noticeable. If you hire a special lawn maintenance mobile al company to keep your lawn, you do not have to worry as to check for checkout per visit. But if you do your own maintenance, check out the checkout Your weekly list.

5- Install a rain barrel. It is good for plants, as it has no salts and many chemicals present in most of the ground water or city water. Many municipalities now offer incentives to homeowners to install water-saving device cheaply. An expert in the field of landscape irrigation can help you determine the best way to incorporate rainwater into existing irrigation systems.

6- Choose drought-tolerant plants. Carefully selecting plants can make a big difference in your water. Many plants, such as white pear, root, yuka and sage are naturally adapted to thrive in low water. Contact your local landscape worker to give advice on which species in your area and do good at your private home.

7- Cut tall grass. Keeps your lawn at the recommended limit (about 2 cm for most species) contributes to the damage of the soil and prevents excessive steam.

8- Do not over water. It sounds simplistic, but more water is lost by excess water for any other reason. Excessive water is not just a valuable resource has been delivered. It is also very bad for plants. The excess water on the floor emphasizes plant root systems and contributes to rot rot and fungal and bacterial diseases. Consult your lawn care mobile al person for help with designing a water and / or schedule to deliver the right amount of water in your landscape.

These are just some of the suggestions that can be implemented to keep their water consumption outdoors at a minimum, while enjoying beautiful views and healthy grass. Try some of this year and see how much water you can save!


Can you take care your lawn while on vacation?

When summer comes, it’s time to pack up and get a week or two of Dodge. Unfortunately, the herb can not quit during its absence. Here are some tips to help your lawn to get your summer vacation.

One week vacation

If you are away for a week in the summer, the lawn will not even miss it. Beds Algae grow more slowly in the summer heat, so according to Lawn Care Mobile preparations will have no problem. Mow the lawn to normal height, the day before you leave. When unpacking the lawn, you should water the day before leaving if the water is not restricted.

Two or more than two weeks vacation

Before you go, make a slope cutter and cut the leaves of the day for you. When he returns, his cutter, two cuts, rises to reap. Test more than a third of the height of the grass at the same time to take off. Also water the lawn deeply the day before you leave if the water is not restricted.


Your lawn may be inactive in warm, dry weather while you are out. Do not worry. We are here. You can go back to deep water. If it is more than two weeks, you can hire Lawn Care Mobile AL to mow the lawn while you are away.

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