Can you take care your lawn while on vacation?

When summer comes, it’s time to pack up and get a week or two of Dodge. Unfortunately, the herb can not quit during its absence. Here are some tips to help your lawn to get your summer vacation.

One week vacation

If you are away for a week in the summer, the lawn will not even miss it. Beds Algae grow more slowly in the summer heat, so according to Lawn Care Mobile preparations will have no problem. Mow the lawn to normal height, the day before you leave. When unpacking the lawn, you should water the day before leaving if the water is not restricted.

Two or more than two weeks vacation

Before you go, make a slope cutter and cut the leaves of the day for you. When he returns, his cutter, two cuts, rises to reap. Test more than a third of the height of the grass at the same time to take off. Also water the lawn deeply the day before you leave if the water is not restricted.

Your lawn may be inactive in warm, dry weather while you are out. Do not worry. We are here. You can go back to deep water. If it is more than two weeks, you can hire Lawn Care Mobile AL to mow the lawn while you are away.

West Mobile Lawn Care, LLC is a local licensed and insured company that is operated in west Mobile. We service properties both in the city of Mobile and in the unincorporated areas of west Mobile county. We hold business licenses for both. West Mobile Lawn Care is built on the goal of “total customer satisfaction” and focused on lawn care services.


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