Late Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer heat can take a toll on weeds, especially if your lawn care program is running. If you take too little to ignore water or too little, or the first signs of pest, the lawn can be fast, or even die in small or large patches.

Rational water

  • Check grass beds need at least a centimeter of water per week, and more if heat is severe. Use a rain gauge aspect to keep the amount of water received from rain and irrigation. You can use the professional services as Lawn Care Mobile AL.
  • Deep water and more often to encourage drought-tolerant nerves.
  • Water early in the day to reduce evaporation and fungal growth.
  • Or let your lawn regularly and deep water or not water. Try not to let your lawn be brown and dormant, “go back to life.” If the lawn is still sleeping in the summer, it should remain so until autumn – do not worry, the weather changes should be recovered as soon as possible.

Tips for Cutting

  • Raise the summer mower. Higher grass is drought tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps the soil shade to prevent weeds from germinating seeds. In the summer, or as tall as the top sheet, the grass season is 3 – is counterfeit “4”, while summer lawns 2 “- 3” imitation.
  • This mulch helps keep the moisture stable. Lawn Service Mobile AL can suggest you more ways to take care of your lawn and gardens.
  • Mowing the lawn regularly to ensure that more than one third of the leaf grass cuts. This keeps your healthy herbs and grass clipping avoid puddles.
  • Keep blades sharp. Make sure your mower to brush the lawn, without tears, to minimize stress during high temperatures.

Do not fertilize

If the lawn is hot in summer, resist the urge to fertilize. In fact, it is best to leave those 30 days before fertilizing summer temperatures reach their area. Applying additional fertilizer in the summer heat can burn your lawn and create a smooth soft growth that persists in the hot summer season. Mobile Lawn Care will suggest you to never leave the lawn dormant manure – wait until they grow in the fall.

High traffic areas

In summer start drawing lots of turfgrass wear, especially on some popular routes. Consider installing steps to minimize damage to the grass, and try to minimize traffic to latent and crunchy grass. If you get it and the grass is actively growing in the rain, you can apply a small fertilizer in these areas to recover the blades quickly.

Weed control

Summer is the time to kill the weeds that grow before they flower and break the seeds for the next year. Post midende directed herbicides are designed to kill large grass flowers without disturbing the grass, but should be applied when the temperature is below 85 ° F for a few days. Note that in the summer heat, each product can be harmful to the grass and stressed. So use one by one or weeds by hand instead. Or let Landscaping Mobile AL to take care of your gardens stuff.

Insects and diseases

  • Suspended or drought may be more susceptible to insect pests such as bug insects, cutworms, ants, fleas and mosquitoes.
  • Small infections often take care of themselves, but serious problems may require attention.
  • Summer is also the time of fungal diseases such as powder and brown spots.
  • Dead ring mushrooms, if necessary, to prevent water overnight hold at least the moisture of the night.
  • Worms nest on grass in summer. If the larvae often cause lawn problems, you can start controlling the worms in the middle of the labels.

Who To Make Your Landscape More Beautiful

There was a time when most people thought the landscaping was little more than the lawn, weeding and planting some flowers. Over the years, the landscape has taken on a new meaning. According to the Lawn Maintenance Mobile AL can add a good design value landscape to a home, increasing the living space dramatically and drastically contribute to a better home life.

In terms of trade gardening is divided into three main areas:

  • Lawn care company specializing in cutting, printing, lost, or green and green area protection.
  • Landscape maintenance is largely related to periodic maintenance of shrubs and flowerbeds.
  • Landscape gardening design companies and manufacturing facilities under the direction of a landscape designer or architect. The last group deals with everything from the Rock Gardens terrace.

Most people do not have long-term plans for their gardens. Often the change of landscape changes through the sale of farms or local home centers. Some impulse purchases dying plants and plants that have been successfully transplanted finally reach expectations down. While most households practice some landscaping using professional services such as Lawn Service Mobile AL, take small results. In most of the neighborhoods are very attractive landscapes few and far between.

Why enjoy, some gardeners? This is definitely not a lack of trying. This is almost always due to lack of attention in design. The professional Lawn Care Mobile AL makes your landscape more beautiful by using their innovative designs and can help you incorporate all kinds of practical and aesthetic considerations on the overall plan that these Effect is most important for you to realize. If you want to attract birds, impress neighbors or create creative places for grandchildren. Landscape designers can help work that really works.

Most people are assumed that landscaper ‘high value’ means. This is not necessarily the case. Designers can help you to work within a budget and see that he will implement some time the landscape plan at this stage.

Most homeowners do their own gardening, sometimes they will repeat again and try to create the necessary maintenance without creating a marble look. This is not a recipe for saving money. A Landscaping Mobile AL can help you develop a strategy that will not waste your time and money.