December Lawn Care Tips

Good news… there isn’t any lawn care for December! Just kidding…

  1. Hopefully, you have already cut your grass short for the winter season… as we don’t want to cut grass if its dormant.
  2. If you haven’t yet done your fall cleanup, you should remove any debris and/or leaves left on the grass… to avoid mold and fungus.
  3. Avoid walking on your grass once its frozen. We want to avoid breaking the grass blades and creating paths in the lawn.
  4. If you put your lawn mower away, consider sharpening the blade and using a fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank so the mower is ready for next spring.

Better yet, put your feet up… and sit by a warm fire… and contact Lawn Care Mobile AL and let us handle your lawn care starting in the spring!

In December, many of us turn our attention to the holidays, to lights and wreaths and cheerful displays that will chase away the darkness of the short, cold days. Late December marks the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, and we officially turn the corner into the season of winter.

Gardeners begin to find some rest in December, and if you’re like me, the fireplace beckons more loudly than the yard. Nonetheless, on sunny days it’s good to get outdoors and to take care of a few gardening chores during the month or hire Mobile Lawn Care your local professionals.

lawn care mobile al

Shrubs and Trees

  • In zones 8 and higher, protect your tender citrus trees and ornamental shrubs from a surprise frost by covering them with burlap or other fabric. Drape the fabric over wooden stakes or a simple frame to keep it from coming in contact with the leaves of the plant. Remove the covering as soon as the weather warms or contact with your Mobile Landscaping AL to over come on your lawn issues professionally and instantly.
  • Prune dormant trees and shrubs, and winter-flowering shrubs after they finish blooming.
  • Take cuttings to root indoors.
  • In zones 7 and warmer, apply dormant spray to take care of overwintering insect eggs.
  • In zones 9 and warmer, you can plant bare-root trees and shrubs, roses, and fruit trees.
  • If you planted new trees this fall, inspect the stakes and guy wires to make sure they’re still straight and firm.
  • Firmly stake leggy shrubs and saplings to prevent breakage in winter weather.
  • Gently remove snow from boughs only if it is heavy enough to threaten breakage – otherwise leave it for insulation. Do not attempt to remove ice.
  • Water plants if there has been insufficient rain, or if your plants are protected under eaves or larger trees.

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